Project Growth realizes that the seeds we implant in our children today, will one day grow into the thriving adults that make up the very communities we are fortunate enough to serve and be a part of. Many children who are at a financial disadvantage or experience homelessness, are burdened with concerns for food throughout the weekend, or other insecurities. Project Growth wants to work alongside schools, communities, and families to bridge the gap and address the issues or needs of these children. By minimizing and addressing some of these needs, we are able to maximize a child’s full potential.

Through our backpack/tote distribution, children will be able to have necessary meals for the weekends. We will work directly with the schools and communities regarding item drop off/pick up to ensure complete anonymity and comfort is met. Because we realize the children we serve come from larger households that might have other areas of need, our program and the meals or essentials we offer extend to the family as well. Items requested can vary from meals, to clothing or hygiene essentials, to other miscellaneous items. These needs simply need to be noted on our request form.

Our goal is to provide a sense of community and to spread love and hope through these contributions. Although we offer ways to provide nourishment to address hunger, or meet needs in other areas such as clothing or attire, we understand that addressing these needs also provides nourishment for a child’s soul, and allows for these individuals to live more enriched and stable lives. It is our hope that through Project Growth, the path to a child’s healthy development and growth will be an easier path to walk; because every child deserves to not only survive but to thrive.

We thank you for the opportunity to be able to serve your community. If you are a school interested in becoming a part of Project Growth, or if you know a family who may benefit from these resources, please complete form below.


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