About Us

The Calling

In 2015 our street minstry was established.  The Lord called us to the streets of Anaheim, CA to share the love of Christ, minister to, pray for and serve our homeless neighbors.  Partnering with local shelters, churches, Christ-centered residential programs and non-profit organizations we were able to help many of our homeless neighbors off the street. 

In 2016 our street team continued to serve our homeless community in Anaheim and in the Santa Ana Riverbed, adding the following services to our ministry:

Shower Ministry, Food Pantry, Bible Studies and Baby Ministry. 

In 2017 our street team continued to serve our homeless community in Anaheim, the Santa Ana Riverbed and added the Santa Ana Courtyard Transitional Shelter and Project Growth. 

The Great Commission

In May of 2017, the Lord prompted us to go even deeper in our ministry which led us to sell nearly everything we owned, purchased a 5th wheel RV and share the love of Jesus all over the United States. With planned stops in nearly 30 states all over America, we are embarking on a family journey of faith with the compass set for Disciples. Just as Jesus says to "Go and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19, we are answering that instruction.

This Is Us

Jayco pulls up the rear for the Martinez family as they take their ministry to the roadways and highways of the USA. 

This full time RV family isn't your typical weekend warrior. In May of 2017, they sold or gave away everything they owned, loaded what they could fit into their 2008 Jayco 5th wheel and filled the family into their Ram 2500, leaving Orange County in their rear view mirror - or rear trailer camera if we're being accurate. 

The Jayco is fully equipped with a front bunk room and all the amenities a family could possibly need. 

"It's a snug fit for now and we do hope to get into a bigger fifth wheel in the near future, but for now we couldn't be happier," Joe said from his outdoor recliner. "Nobody will ever be able to say we aren't a close knit family," he added with a laugh. 

How it all began

Two years ago the Martinez's started a non-profit street ministry, Anchor Of Hope, to help their homeless and less fortunate neighbors get out of their ruts. Slowly, lovingly and patiently, they developed relationships with these folks and were able to share what God did for them in their own lives. 

Nearly divorced in 2012, they want to share hope with everybody they meet. 

"We nearly lost everything, including each other," Joe said. "The Lord put us back together, strengthened us and guided us to the lost."

Birth Of A Ministry

One winter evening in 2014, Lena felt compelled to make food and put together some clothes and head out to the streets of Anaheim, California. 

"This is where it [the street ministry] all started," she said about the Anaheim park frequented by the homeless. "My heart was so broken for them and I felt called to do something. I wanted to show them that somebody still cares about them and they are loved."

That one night of service led to a five day a week ministry that often carried over to the weekend. 

Countless lives have been changed through what Anchor of Hope been able to accomplish, but they don't want the credit, they just want to serve.

"We are doing our service for the Lord," Joe said. "In the eyes of the world, there is no reason that we should even be together as a married couple, BUT God had a different plan. We want to share that with any and all people we meet. Even when it feels and looks like hope is lost, God is working."

Serving everything from food to clothing, to baby supplies, to twice-a-week portable showers and a garage food pantry for grocery delivery - this God sent family ministry has no borders. 

Joe and Lena have four children, ranging in age from 7 to 17 and they all do their part, packing grocery bags and hygiene kits to putting together toy donations and gift bags for other children.

And now they hook up their Jayco Eagle, pile inside the Ram and pick a spot on the map.

Destination: Disciples

So how do they do it all?

"God," Lena said. "He is our provider. We have been blessed abundantly. We have gone from footing the bill for everything our ministry provides to having nearly everything supplied to us." 

And to get by on the road?

Joe works as a sports announcer for professional boxing on various television networks as well as the UFC and other mixed martial arts organizations. In the middle of the 2017 season he retired from announcing professional baseball after 22 years so he and his family could take the ministry on the road. 

"Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations," Joe said. "And that is our mission; disciples is our destination."

When asked about leaving a traditional life behind he said, "We don't just kinda do things. We are either fully invested or not at all. We don't always know what the plan is, but we know that if we are doing our best for God, He will do His best for us."

Be on the lookout for the Martinez family. The journey has just begun.

We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us and welcome you to partner with us in prayer, support and service. 

Serving in Love,

Team Jesus!

Anchor of Hope Ministries

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